Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Josiah Nickerson Knowles - Clipper Ship Captain

[Photo by Michael Colbruno; Portrait of Captain Josiah Nickerson Knowles]

Millionaire's Row

Josiah Nickerson Knowles (1830-1896) - Captain of the clipper ship "The Glory of the Seas," Knowles was born in Cape Cod, Massachusetts to a family of sea captains. He sailed his clipper ship from Southampton, England to New York and then to San Francisco. He retired in 1884. Knowles designed the original shelter for the helmsman of clipper ships.


Anonymous said...

I'm curious about the portrait of Josiah Nickerson Knowles. A great grandson, and namesake, owned it until his recent death--but where is it now?
And Capt. JN Knowles was most remembered for his dramatic 1858 shipwreck, which you don't mention.

Unknown said...

but his own diary can be found here: