Friday, March 16, 2007

Sara Plummer Lemmon (1836-1923) - Made Poppy the State Flower

She and her husband John were both botanists who discovered a number of plant species. In California, she is best remembered for spearheading the effort to make the poppy the State’s official flower. On her honeymoon in 1881 she climbed what would later become Mt. Lemmon, located 25 miles from Tucson.


Anonymous said...

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winna said...

Since research has shown Sarah to be my Great Great Aunt and I am an artist who never knew of her life and talent---I am deeply moved to read of her and see the photos---the only other artist in the family I have come across---I thought there must be SOMEONE ELSE..dear dear woman, I am grateful to have found out about you and inspired by your work... Edwina Jill Fowler Mordasky