Sunday, March 11, 2007

Charles Goodall (1824-1899) - Captain, Politician and Shipping Magnate

[Goodall statue photo by Michael Colbruno]

Millionaire's Row

Captain Charles Goodall (1824-1899), lived at a stately mansion at Pierce and McAllister in San Francisco. His house was best known for an observatory that he built on the roof, but it later toppled. After the house was destroyed, Third Baptist Church was built on the site. The current pastor of the church, Rev. Amos Brown, recently told me that future president and then-General Ulysses S. Grant stayed at the house.

Goodall, who was born in England, served for two years in the California State Assembly and co-founded the shipping company Goodall, Nelson and Perkins. Goodall’s business partner was George Perkins, who also served as California Governor and as a United States Senator. Perkins is also buried at Mountain View.

For many years in the mid-19th century, Goodall, Nelson and Perkins controlled much of the shipping industry from Alaska to Mexico. At their peak they employed over 2000 men.

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