Friday, September 18, 2009

Julius Remmel (1868-1925) - Built Homes in "Second Empire" Style

[Top photo of Remmel creation on Encinal Avenue near High Street in Alameda, CA; Bottom photo of Remmel gravestone by Michael Colbruno]

In 1892 Victorian-era builders Felix Marcuse and Julius Remmel added a trio of homes to the Queen Anne landscape on the west side of Alameda's Fountain Street, one at 1523. The men built the homes for Jennie M. Shannon.

Jennie was the wife of Thomas Bowles Shannon, a '49er, who sat as a Republican in the Thirty-eighth Congress from March 4, 1863 to March 3, 1865. President Andrew Johnson appointed him surveyor at the port of San Francisco. He held this post until 1872, when President Ulysses S. Grant appointed him collector of customs in San Francisco. He served in this capacity until 1880. He died in 1897, five years after he and Jennie invested in the three Fountain Street homes with Marcuse & Remmel, paying the firm $1,450 for each home.

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