Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lincoln "Link" Blakely (1912-1976) Cincinnati Reds Outfielder

Linc Blakely

Main Mausoleum, Sec. 9, Crypt 153, Tier 10

Lincoln Blakely was born in Oakland and attended Oakland Technical High School.

In 1934 Lincoln Blakely had a good shot at becoming the regular leftfielder for the Cincinnati Reds, but greed and his ego may have ended his big league career. After two good offensive games and a career of being underpaid in the minor leagues, Blakely took the advice of a newsboy and initiated a one-man sit down strike demanding more money. The Reds found a new leftfielder and Blakely never played another major league game. Harlin Pool ended up becoming the leftfielder for the Reds.

Blakely ended up playing only 34 games, batting just .225 in 102 at-bats and never hitting a homerun.

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