Sunday, January 3, 2010

Marcus Mason (1827-1898) – Coffee Pioneer


[Photo of Mason Family Vault by Michael Colbruno]

[Coffee Pulper]

Marcus Mason was the inventor of a coffee pulper and pioneered the development of other coffee equipment. He was born in Vermont in 1827 and trained as a mechanical engineer.

Mason started visiting Costa Rica and other coffee regions beginning in 1857. His inventions allowed for the efficient processing and production of coffee, as they peeled the husk, removed the pulp and disposed of the refuse.

He was granted his first patent in 1860 and his machines were used on coffee plantations around the world. However, he didn’t start manufacturing coffee machinery in the United States until 1873. His plant was established in Worcester, Massachusetts that year, but he also had a business operation in New York.

Mason died in New York and his remains were brought back to Oakland. His service was officiated by fellow Mountain View Cemetery denizen Rev. John Knox McLean, a close personal friend.


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drolivas said...

This person is my great, great grandfather (on my mothers side of the family). I don't really have any information about him, but would love to find out more. I am particularly interested in his work in Costa Rica. I believe he had a coffee processing factory there as well as owned some plantations. I am wondering if I might have distance relatives in Costa Rica. Please e-mail me at or if you know where I can find out more about Marcus Mason. Thank you.