Tuesday, April 22, 2008

William Heron Lowden - Pioneer Insurance Man

[Gravestone photo by Michael Colbruno]

At a time when fires were a common occurrence in San Francisco and Oakland, William Lowden (1848-1912) became a pioneer in the fire insurance business. Lowden moved to Truckee, California from Belfast, Ireland as a young man where he worked as a merchant while "dabbling" in fire insurance.

He moved to San Francisco after a few years and accepted a job with the North British and Mercantile Insurance Company, where he worked his way up to manager. In 1895 he was appointed a manager of the Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society, a job he held until his death. During this time he served as President of the Fire Underwriters' Association of the Pacific.

Lowden took up a number of hobbies with great ardor, becoming an amateur photographer of some note, a competitive "high wheel" bicyclist, a competitive rifleman, trout fisherman and competitive yachtsman (with Mountain View denizen William Letts Oliver).


Meg said...
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Chris said...


Where did you find your information on William Heron Lowden?

Michael C said...

Chris, Most of my information on Lowden came from old newspaper archives.

Chris said...

Thanks Michael. William Heron Lowden was my great, great grandfather - my son is also named after him. We have photos of him & his wife Emma Matilda in the family archives if you're interested. We currently live in Berkeley

Sara said...

Thanks for writing this.

Meg said...
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Meg said...

Thanks again for posting this information. William was also a member of the exclusive Bohemian Club of San Francisco. Here is a picture: http://content.cdlib.org/ark:/13030/ft4s2005vp/

If Chris sent you any contact information, can you please send him my email as we have lost touch with later generation of that family. Here is my email gregnmeg @ gmail.com (without the spaces).

Thank you!!!

Meg said...

Sorry. I realized I was mistaken when I wrote this before.

William Heron was my great grandmother's brother. Her name was Margaret Jane Lowden. They also had 2 more siblings - James Arthur Lowden and Mary Ann Lowden.