Monday, March 12, 2007

Washington Bartlett (1824-1887) - Bachelor Governor

[Bartlett gravesite photo by Michael Colbruno]

Plot 28

Washington Montgomery Bartlett was born in Savannah, Georgia on February 29, 1824 and died while serving as Governor of California on September 12, 1887. Bartlett was appointed as Alcade (mayor) of San Francisco and served from 1883–1887.

Bartlett, a lifelong bachelor, came from a prominent New York family, one of whom signed the Declaration of Independence. Some of his other claims to fame were that he was the first California Governor to die in office, the first Jewish Governor (although not personally religious), he published the first English-language book in the State, spoke Spanish fluently, attempted to curb the flow of Chinese immigrants to California, was a close ally of President Andrew Jackson (who appointed him to the Navy), and had a reputation for his extreme honesty. Bartlett also served as San Francisco County Clerk and in the California State Senate.

His cousin was Dr. Chloe Annette Buckel from the previous blog posting.

His inaugural address can be found at:

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